2Fer Tuesday

Tuesday 10-Noon

Bistro At Snowcreek


All Request Lunch with Katie

Friday 11:00-Noon

John's Pizza Works and The Outlaw Saloon


Community Corner

Wed. 8:30-9:00AM

Mammoth Hospital

Good Life Cafe



7:50 Daily/8:50 Sundays & :20 Even Hours

Eastern Sierra Community Bank

Snowcreek Golf

CJ's Grill

Perry Motors

Mammoth Lakes Tourism


Fresh Tracks with Katie Mac

7:30-9:30AM Friday

Austria Hof

Tom Wohrman Sports



Community Calendar

Mammoth Hospital



Daily 9:30-10AM

Mr. K Automotive

Golden State Cycle

Double Eagle Resort and Spa


Morning Breakfast Trivia

M, T, Th 8:30AM

Looney Bean


Arts, Cuture, Entertainment

Friday 10-11:00AM

State Farm

Tioga Gas Mart



Saturday 4pm-6pm

Our one and only Reggae with

Native Wayne and ALTER-Native radio!


Fresh Tracks with Katie Mac:

Austria Hof

Tom Wohrman Sports





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